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Digital and traditional arts are two different things and traditional art matters in many aspects. But can you just learn digital art without learning traditional one? The big question, right?

Many people who are just interested in technology and want to incorporate art in it, directly jump to digital art without knowing that traditional art matters and the basics of traditional art. And traditional art makes you learn it in various ways.

Traditional art used all the traditional mediums and techniques that we’re developed and are still evolving and improving over time. While digital art is using all the different digital technologies to produce art.

Digital painting is an emerging art, as it uses various techniques of traditional art digitally such as watercolours, oil, impasto, etcetera. These are applied using digital tools using various sources like computers, digitizing tablets and stylus, and software.

So the inspiration and techniques are all taken from traditional art and hence, traditional art matters.

The value of the traditional painting is priceless as it starts from scratch, and it requires various other things like precision, skills, time and patience.

It requires various materials and tools as if is done traditionally, the artist has to learn it well to use it perfectly so that a beautiful work of art is executed, otherwise, that art would go to waste. And the finished product that is the sketch or painting is then displayed in an exhibition or museum.

And because it’s a traditional painting, you can feel all the texture and style of the artist with your fingers and see it with your eyes.

Why does Traditional Art matters?

Digital art would have the ability to make the art look more traditional by the stroke look and layer by watercolour and even use charcoal to give various textures of sketching.

But when someone is doing traditional art, they would get an even deeper understanding of the materials and what they are trying to do.

Benefits of Traditional Art:

  • Hands-on experience: Physical, tactile experience is gained when you learn to manipulate a paintbrush to create various paint strokes or you can even make a sculpture by using carving tools.

And because of this learning, you would get a much better view of how the materials are used. And your motor skills would also get developed with your hand-eye coordination.

Mixing different colours is not the kind of experience one gets by working digitally. And hence, traditional art matters.

  • Unique pieces: Traditional sketching and artwork are not easily reproduced because of the handmade nature of the artworks. As digital creation is a kind that can be reproduced and shared instantly.

Whereas traditional art is a one-of-a-kind piece, because of its uniqueness. And traditional art matters as its pieces have a much greater value than digital art pieces.

  • Increased versatility: Traditional art medium does not limit itself to just a single media whereas digital medium creates artwork with only a single medium.

Different results and experiences would be received when you create an image with graphite compared to pigmented paints.

And the finished outcomes of the digital art creates a clean-finished product, whereas different are materials in traditional art that would provide you with different textures and patterns. And therefore, traditional art matters.

  • Forced problem-solving: Mistakes can’t easily be erased, like the undo button on the digital device. And hence, problem-solving skills are more enhanced in the artist as there is no shortcut key and they have to physically fix their error.

And it even encourages the artist to not repeat the same mistakes and hence, improve their skills.


Without learning traditional art you can’t be the true master of digital art as traditional art provides the basics of it. Traditional art matters in a lot of many aspects and for jumping into other art fields you need to master the basics!

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Artwork by : Rohan Baikar


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