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Fine Arts Foundation

A 2-month’s structured learning of sketching, the foundation level which everyone should go through.

Fine Arts Foundation

The first step of your Fine Arts Learning Journey.

Courses Details

Currently, we offer a 2-month foundation-level sketching course to lay the rigid foundation on Art.

Course Name & Code: Fine Arts Foundation – SSFD FDN

  • Duration: 2 Months/ 8 weeks/16 classes
  • Next Batch Starting 

  • Weekdays Batch 
  • August 6th onwards 
  • Tue & Wed – 11 AM – 1 PM
  • Weekends Batch 
  • August 10th onwards 
  • Sat & Sun – 11 AM – 1 PM
  • Admission Status: OPEN


Dates don’t suit you? Enrol yourself on our waiting list and we will inform you as soon as the next batch opens for enrollments.

Who can apply?

The Fine Arts Foundation course offered by Sampratishta School of Fine Arts & Design is for individuals wanting to pursue higher education under fine arts streams.

Let us look into a few scenarios: –

  • The absolute beginners
    • E.g1.: You recently developed an interest in drawing or painting.
  • On the other hand, you have been out of practice for a long time
    • E.g 2.: You have drawn a painting in your school days and life situations demand you to keep this little joy aside. And now you have time to develop the skills.
  • I have been practicing but…
    • E.g. 3: You have been drawing for a while, but you are not able to understand where you are going wrong, guidance or you are simply missing the foundation.
  • If you are a painter and not getting any depth.
    • E.g. 4 – The reason here, you may be directly started painting without understanding the drawing foundation, then this course is for you too.
  • If you want to pursue any of our Diploma courses
    • E.g. 5 – Diploma courses are designed with deathful intermediate-level training, we don’t teach any foundational techniques in DFA. Thus, this is your first step.
  • Still not convinced? Schedule a call/meet with one of our educators – Click here!

The Syllabus

  • Fine arts refers to the art form that focuses on aesthetic purposes. Our ‘Fine arts foundation course’ is a rigorous basic-level training that focuses on building a strong foundation for greater sketching, fine art skills, and understanding.
  • It involves developing art and design techniques using the Monochromatic medium.
  • Courses are consolidated and cover the most important topics that are necessary for providing a strong foundation.
  • We teach in-depth about the essential skills and techniques for sketching and developing the most effective skills to produce an artwork.


The medium used here for the artwork is monochromatic, which encapsulates

  • Pencil,
  • Pen


Lecture1.1 Introductions to Various Lines
Lecture1.2 Implementation of lines and building shapes
Lecture1.3 Introduction to Free Hand Design
Lecture1.4 Building 3D forms
Lecture1.5 Perspective study
Lecture1.6 Lights and Shadows
Lecture1.7 Perspective study
Lecture1.8 Head Study

Teaching and Faculty

  • With this training, students are exposed to greater levels of understanding and can see advancement in their sketching and fine art skills.
  • Our faculty has the best artists willing to impart knowledge to our students and help you in your career progression.

Course Outcomes

There are several innumerable outcomes that a student gains under this course. A few of them are listed below as follows:

  • The important outcome may be, that you may be thinking I know all basics but you never knew this was that critical.
  • This course is 1st module of Diploma in Fine Arts.
  • This course will also help if you want to pursue painting but you don’t want to do extensive sketching.
  • And more over – you will get an insight. You can fix the confusing question – Is art for me?

Certification & Exams

Foundation Course doest offer any certificate as there is no scope for it .

Class Schedule

  • Over 16 in-depth classes with 32 hours of content!
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session.
  • The practical learning experience with live project work and examples
  • You can develop your own sketching style and build the confidence to sketch on the spot
  • Build a solid foundation with all the essential skills to start sketching
  • One can develop the most effective techniques for sketching on the spot regardless of the subject matter
  • You can improve your ability to sketch faster and more spontaneously
  • The usual schedules are – 10:30-12:30 PM & 3-5 PM on Sat & Sun; 11-1 PM & 6-8PM on Tue & Wed at Jayanagar 4th T Block, Bangalore
  • Your 8-week term will have 9 topics lecturing and you should not miss any lecturing session. If you miss any, we won’t take it again for a single student.

Course Fees & Payment Options

The 8 weeks/ 16 days / 2 Months program will cost you ₹ 15000

*You might be eligible for the offer if available

Admission invitations will be carrying payment links where students can use various payment options.

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Frequently asked

What is Fine Arts Foundation?

Fine Arts foundation essentially means giving a base or foundation for your visual arts learning. It lays a strong foundation where you can build anything on top of it.

This is a structured 2 months program that covers most techniques of how to sketch and gives you a better perspective of fine arts.

If you practice well with our curriculum then, you will start to see the dimensions of fine arts.

This also mandates courses to get the eligibility to pursue Diploma In Fine Arts.

What all it covered?

Kindly check the curriculum session under the course description.

What if I miss a class/ classes?

  • Missing classes without a strong reason are not recommended while you are pursuing this course. Each alternate week we will have new chapters; if you miss one then you will lose the continuity.

Compensating classes 

  • We don’t offer compensation classes but if 2 batches started at the same time; which means a weekday batch and weekend batch are started same time; then you can come and have the session in the same weeks.
  • But this is purely subject to availability, you may cross-check with your faculty for the same.
  • Our faculties are having helping hands if you inform them prior they might spend 15-20 minutes explaining what you have missed.

What is the difference between Diploma in Fine Arts & Fine Arts Foundation?

Diploma in Fine arts is a 6 months schedule; which included an advanced sketching course for 3 months. And 3 months  of Painting ( We teach watercolor & acrylic painting )

If you complete 2 modules then it is considered a Diploma in Fine Arts

It may not be a single 6 months stretch, you will be having exams after completing module 1.

On the other hand, Fine Arts Foundation is a 2-month program that helps to rigid the core foundation in Art. These are the essential skills you need to learn as first steps.

This is also a mandatory course to take up, Diploma in Fine Arts (6 Months) and Art Teacher Diploma program.

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We are a team of dedicated Fine Art professionals,
working hard to Inspire & build an Artist in you.

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