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Fine Arts Foundation

Fine Arts Diploma (Visual Arts) Courses

Fine Arts Foundation

Module 1 of Diploma in Fine Arts Course

Visual Arts Diploma

Courses Details

Currently, we offer a Visual Arts Diploma with two modules equivalent to any 2-year diploma in visual arts or fine arts.

  • Course Name & Code: Fine Arts Foundation Diploma – SSFF 01
  • Duration: 12 weeks – 24 classes
  • Next Batch Starting date – Check out the course page for new dates
  • Admission Status: OPEN

Dates don’t suit? Enrol yourself to our waiting list and we will inform as soon as the next batch opens for enrollments.

Weekday batches open for admissions soon.

Who can apply?

Fine Arts Foundation course offered by Sampratishta School of Fine Arts & Design is for individuals wanting to pursue higher education under fine arts streams.

Students are immensely benefited by learning different skills, sketching styles and techniques that will help them develop their knowledge and pursue their fine arts career with a higher rate of success.

The Syllabus

  • Fine arts refers to the art form that focuses on aesthetic purposes. Our ‘Fine arts foundation course’ is a rigorous basic level training that focuses on building a strong foundation for greater sketching, fine art skills, and understanding.
  • It involves developing art and design techniques using the Monochromatic medium.
  • Courses are consolidated and cover the most important topics that are necessary for providing a strong foundation.
  • We teach in-depth about the essential skills techniques for sketching and developing the most effective skills to produce an artwork.


The medium used here for the artwork is monochromatic, which encapsulates

  • Pencil,
  • Charcoal


Lecture1.1 Lines, Forms, Shapes, Patterns
Lecture1.2 Gray Scales (Shapes and Patterns)
Lecture1.3 Free Hand Design
Lecture1.4 2D Design & Composition
Lecture1.5 3D Forms
Lecture1.6 Lights and Shadows
Lecture1.7 Perspective study
Lecture1.8 Nature and Objects
Lecture1.9 Still Life
Lecture1.10 Human Anatomy
Lecture1.11 Head Study / Portrait Drawing

Teaching & Faculty

  • With this training, students are exposed to greater levels of understanding and can see advancement in their sketching and fine art skills.
  • Our faculty has the best artists willing to impart knowledge to our students and help you in your career progression.

Course Outcomes

There are several innumerable outcomes that a student gains under this course. Few of them are listed below as follows:

  • Individuals will be highly skilled and will have an extensive portfolio
  • They can perform well on aptitude and entrance tests
  • Individuals can pursue their fine arts degree under top universities across the country or abroad
  • A clearer understanding of the career and its path will help the person have a higher rate of success than others.
  • Finally, they will stand out from the crowd and will more likely find work opportunities.


On completion of the fine arts foundation course, an individual can seek higher studies in the following streams:

  • Fine arts
  • Graphic Design
  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Media
  • Fashion Design

Certification & Exams

Foundation Course Certificate from the institute. Please note, it’s not affiliated with any of the university yet.

  • You will be having 25 finished assignments to complete and submit.  And your every assignment will carry 5 marks in total 125 marks.
  • Your attendance will grab 12 marks.
  • And your final exam test will have 33 marks.
  • You can score most 170 marks.
  • Your successful course term will discount a diploma certificate from the institution.

Class Schedule

  • Over 24 in-depth classes with 50 hours of content!
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session.
  • Practical learning experience with live project work and examples
  • You can develop your own sketching style and build the confidence to sketch on the spot
  • Build a solid foundation with all the essential skills to start sketching
  • One can develop the most effective techniques for sketching on spot regardless of the subject matter
  • You can improve your ability to sketch faster and more spontaneously
  • You can build their drawing portfolio
  • Every Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 12 PM at Jayanagar 4th T Block, Bangalore
  • Your 12 weeks term will have 9 topics lecturing and you should not miss any lecturing session. If you miss any, we won’t take it again for a single student.

Course Fees & Payment Options

The 12 weeks/ 24 days / 3 Months  programme will cost you ₹ 15000

You can make the payment by pressing the Get admission button below.

Kindly note other than NEFT the bank will charge 2% convenience fees; if you are conscious about extra damage then choose NEFT in steps.

Do you accept PAYTM?

Yes, you can scan this QR code  and pay the fees with 0% convenience fees

I don’t use PAYTM, can you help?

Yes, use this QR code and pay the fees with 0% convenience fees with BHIM or Google Tez Apps, it’s really fast.

Do allow us a day to send you the course confirmations after your payment. 
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