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Sampratishta School of Fine Arts & Design, academic fine arts and design school made up of students and veteran fine artists. Our rich history is evident in the foundation for our values. We are diverse, welcoming, accepting and passionate about being the best we can be. Join us to make your fine arts education experience unforgettable, and for a strong creative foundation of your future.

Striving to build an artist in you!

Visual arts is a beautiful journey, and the journey will be remarkable if you love what you do. Believing your happiness is the most important goal and as soon as you love your passion then passion is going to take care the rest of your life.

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Sampratishta School of Fine Arts & Design is renowned for encouraging academic excellence & celebrating high achievement in your creative career!

World Class

Sampratishta delivers a world class visual arts education which nobody is attempted in Banaglore, Karnataka

A Syllabus

At Sampratishta School of Fine Arts ‘s curriculum is built in such a way that encompasses all the necessary skills and knowledge required to build your future on fine arts.

Unrivalled Quality

We focus on your skill improvement & results and we believe that is the achievement of any responsible fine arts institution!

Step by Step

Step by step dedicated mentoring session which can build an artist in you, aesthetically!

No Shortcuts

Sampratishta don’t offer any shortcuts to improve an artist in you but we deliver all the required techniques to build an artist in you, join us if you are ready to hard work and be the part of simplified mentoring.

Sampratishta  School of Fine Arts changes the Visual Arts Education concept forever.

Structured Diploma Courses

Currently, we offer diploma in visual arts with two modules, which is equal to any 2year diploma in visual arts or fine arts. And specialisation courses in Watercolor painting.

Specialisation Diploma

Specialisation diploma in watercolor painting by Sampratishta School of Fine Arts!

A watercolor painting course with Master Sadhu Aliyur is coming up, limited seats and for 3 months.

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Helping to build an artist in you!


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We deliver so much more than the competition

Ready to build an artist in you?