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Refunds, Termination, Course and Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

  • For Cancellations of any course please contact us via the contact us link within one 1 working day after your enrolment (Or make the fee payment).
  • Requests received later than the 2nd business day will be treated as invalid.
  • Cancellations and refunds are not granted before 10 days or after the course commencement date.

Refund Policy

We will try our best to create suitable concepts for our students. Since we are into structured education and our institution guidelines do not allow us to refund any course fees or workshop fees unless and until the organization cancels or takes a decision over it.

Refund Terms 

  • Within 24 hours after registration * =40% ( 60% of fee + Bank Fees will be deducted) 
  • 2nd day after registration * = 0% (No Refunds) 


  • The day which paid the fees will be considered as a registered date.
  • Any approved refunds will be transferred to the candidates’ bank accounts.


Course Policy

Academic Rewards & Conditions 

•    Your 12/24 weeks term comprises lectures over 10/18 topics. The good news is these batches allow flexibility. In case you miss a class in the morning session, you will be allowed to compensate with the weekday batch if the batches are starting parallel. (Only for module 1/foundation)
•    3 consecutive absences in your term will result in the discontinuation of your entire course. Also, you will be barred from taking up the exams.
•    All exams for non-affiliated courses will be conducted by Sampratishta grants a certification upon successful completion of your term.
•    For affiliated courses; 70% of exams & evaluations were conducted by Sampratishta and 30% by Jain University. University grants a certification upon successful completion of your term.

Re-Registration Policy:
•     It may be possible to re-register for the same program later if you cannot attend the program you are registering for. A 50% re-registration fee is applicable.
•    You can register for the same class/program within 6 Months of the originally registered program start date. If the program fee has increased, you will have to pay the difference in fee and the re-registration fee.
•    Re-registration will also not be applicable if the program is not scheduled in the 6-month period. In such conditions, we will consider this a cancellation of your registration.
•    If you leave the program for any reason, you are not eligible for a refund and we will consider this a cancellation of your registration.
•    There will be no refund for a no-show.

Termination Policy

Breaches of regulations will be dealt with under student disciplinary procedures. If an allegation of plagiarism, syndication, cheating, or any type of misbehaviour (verbal or non-verbal)  is proved, any of the following penalties will be imposed:

  • Deduction of marks or rejection of an assignment
  • Failure in a module or unit
  • Suspension or expulsion
If a Student has any further queries, such clarification should be sought from her or his facilitator/teacher; Course Leader; and/or learning support personnel in Sampratishta.
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