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To define art is a much harder thing to do than just thinking about it, and there are different degrees in fine arts and design to define the actual meaning of it! It’s much more than just the production of beautiful objects or subjects.

And to understand the mean of art, there are three most common branches of art, which are visual arts, performing arts and literature. But when it comes to the degrees in fine arts and design or arts than the first two, that is, visual arts and performing arts are most often used.

And art is a subject that brings out the inward significance of a work. And the study of the kind of art which creates visual arts displays the artist’s aesthetic sense and also leave itself up to the viewer perspective to interpret it, then it is known as fine arts! And to get more knowledge you need to get degrees in fine arts and design!

And it is much more appreciated because of Its imaginative and intellectual content that is usually displayed in the artwork. It mainly includes painting, dancing, music, architecture, sculpting, film, photography,  drama, etcetera.

An artist should grab the opportunities coming in its way! And to our benefit Indian economy has opened platforms for fine arts to flourish in our country and be respected.

There are many degrees and diploma courses available in which you can enroll yourself according to your interest! And here we have listed a few of them!

Types of degrees in Fine arts and design:

  • Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) or Masters in Fine Arts (MFA): This is the most preferred degree which the students pursue, that is, Bachelor in Fine Arts or Masters in Fine Arts. This is the degree you will likely receive in any university of arts. And the people holding the degree can be anything from art theorists to ceramic-makers.

And when you are pursuing fine arts degree then you would have to encounter both the new movements and the artists that challenge your ideas. As the degree in fine arts is a diverse program.

And you can decide from specialized fields such as sculpture, art design, printmaking, drawing and painting, studio arts, architecture, digital media under fine arts degree which you can pursue in the later stage.

  • Fashion and apparel design: Fashion design education is a field that would cover all the basics and critical concepts that you would need as a designer with professional techniques and business practices that is much needed in this field and a major area in the degrees in fine arts and design!

There are various things to study in this field such as draping, study clothing construction, product development, pattern design, merchandise promotion, and all the application of design concepts and CAD software.

And even you can study or choose some speciality in the above-listed things like women’s wear, sportswear, etcetera.

  • Interior design: Interior design is a program that provides you with the skills so that you can create aesthetically pleasing spaces that meet up your client’s needs and expectations. As it’s a much demanded field in the degrees in find arts and design!

This course will mainly focus on the aspects like design processes, sustainable practices, material selection, textiles, fixtures, historical periods, furniture style and various other legal aspects of the industry involved that can impact your practice as an interior designer.

  • Multimedia and Animation: Multimedia and Animation degrees are the ones that would equip students in all the creative fields such as journalism, film, advertising, television and game development.

The main objective of this field is to create a foundation and help subjects to gain a balanced understanding of creating visual, audio and written art in all the different forms of media.

In this field, art education is paired with subjects in the area such as writing, drawing, computer programming, broadcasting, podcasting, layout design and 3-D animation.

  • Digital Arts: Digital arts program will focus on teaching you all the computer-aided art areas such as 3-D modelling, animation and gaming. Your hands-on skills will be much improved like animation and design software and you have to practice drawing figures, sketching and storyboarding.


Now, for a better future and learning, you need to get admission to a good college. So, to reduce your stress, here are the top three colleges in art in which you can take admission for a degree in Fine Arts.

Top three colleges in art for degrees in Fine Arts and Design:

  • College of Arts, Delhi University: The College of Arts mainly focuses and intensifies on the practical work held in the classroom or art studio, which are majorly prescribed theory subjects and research in the selected fields.

The mentors or guide of the faculty that train the students comprise if artists, painters, designers and sculptors, who are of both national and international stature.

And the knowledge of the guides would help enrich students in their respective fields of practice. And they held various exhibitions which include various contemporary as well as traditional aspects of fine arts and degrees in fine arts and design!

  • Faculty of Visual Arts, Banaras Hindu University: The faculty of visual arts is one of the famous and leading institutions which offers various undergraduate and postgraduate and also research programs.

And in the faculty of visual arts, there are five departments, which include painting, applied arts, plastic arts, pottery and ceramics and textile designing.

  • Faculty of Fine Arts, Maharaja Sayajirao University: The faculty of Fine Arts if Maharaja Sayajirao University, provides amazing degrees in fine arts, and it emphasizes the individual development of the students with the knowledge related to both Indian and western traditions as well as philosophies.

The teachers of the faculty give attention to every student creative and cognitive abilities. The department also organizes various film shows, exhibitions and visits.


There are various career scopes in find arts and design, you just have to work hard and develop and furnish your skills! And Sampratishta School of Fine Arts and Design have various programs that would help you getting  degrees in Fine arts and design! So don’t stop yourself and explore various fields in find arts and design!


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