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Sketch Pro

Module 1: Foundation in Sketching – 2 months, Module 2: Advanced Sketching – 2 months

Introducing Sketch Pro, an intensive sketching program offered by Sampratishta, designed to provide a structured and powerful learning experience in Fine Arts. Dive deeper into the intricacies of sketching to elevate and excel in your artistic skills.

Upcoming Batches

Weekends , JULY 6th onwards

Admissions Open

Upcoming Batches

Upcoming Batches


    • Weekends Batch
    • JULY 6th onwards 
    • Sat & Sun – 9 to 11 AM
    • Admission Status: OPEN


Don’t dates suit you? Enroll yourself on our waiting list, and we will inform you as soon as the next batch opens for enrolments.

Why Sketch Pro?

Discover the structured potency of Sketch Pro, a comprehensive sketching course by Sampratishta, delving into intricate Fine Arts techniques. Take a deeper dive and elevate your skill set.

Sketch Pro is crafted with a focus on the pencil sketching technique, catering to individuals who prefer honing their skills in sketching before venturing into painting.

Admission Requirements

  • Prerequisites: Open to all skill levels.
  • Application Process: Submit a portfolio or sample of your artwork.
  • Interview: Shortlisted candidates may be interviewed for program suitability.

Structured Curriculum

  1. Foundation Course: 2 Months
    • Drawing and Sketching: Basic and advanced techniques in drawing.
    • Art History: Exploring the history of art to understand different movements and styles.
    • Mediums: Graphite & Pen
  2. Specialized Disciplines:
    • Sketching (2 Months)
      • Mediums: Graphite, Ink & Charcoal
  3. Portfolio Development:
    • Building a portfolio that showcases the student’s best work across different mediums.
    • Presenting and discussing artistic choices and intentions.
  4. Exhibitions and Critiques:
    • Participating in art exhibitions and critiques to develop presentation and communication skills.


Sketch Pro is a combined version of Fine Arts Foundation and Advacned sketching! 


Sketching Foundation: 2 months

Lecture1.1 Introductions to Various Lines
Lecture1.2 Implementation of lines and building shapes
Lecture1.3 Introduction to Free Hand Design
Lecture1.4 Building 3D forms
Lecture1.5 Perspective study
Lecture1.6 Lights and Shadows
Lecture1.7 Perspective study
Lecture1.8 Head Study

Specialized Disciplines: 

Advanced sketching (2 Months)

Lecture1.1 Extensive training in Freehand sketching
Lecture1.2 Drawing Animals
Lecture1.3 Drawing Birds
Lecture1.4 2D Human Anatomy
Lecture1.5 Drawing Nature – Trees
Lecture1.6 Extensive Training in Perspective Drawings
Lecture1.7 Nature and Objects
Lecture1.8 Still Life Compositions
Lecture1.9 Landscape Sketching
Lecture1.10 Portrait Drawing

Teaching & Faculty

Experienced Instructors: Learn from professional artists with a wealth of experience.

With this training, students are exposed to greater levels of understanding and can see advancement in their sketching and fine art skills.

Course Outcomes

There are several innumerable outcomes that a student gains under this course. Few of them are listed below as follows:

  • Individuals will be highly skilled and will have an extensive portfolio
  • They can perform well on aptitude and entrance tests
  • Individuals can pursue their fine arts degree under top universities across the country or abroad
  • A clearer understanding of the career and its path will help the person have a higher rate of success than others.
  • Finally, they will stand out from the crowd and will more likely find work opportunities.


On completion of the fine arts foundation course, an individual can seek higher studies in the following streams:

  • Fine arts
  • Graphic Design
  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Product design
  • Media
  • Fashion Design

Certification & Exams

Successful completion of Module 1 & Module 2 offers a Certificate from the institute.

  • You will have 25 finished assignments to complete and submit on each module.
  • Your final grade will be determined by practical submissions, accounting for 70% of your total marks.
  • The marks for your final exam will constitute 30% of your total score.
  • Attendance will contribute a 5% share to your overall marks.
  • You can score 200 marks.
  • Completing the course term will qualify you for a certificate from the institution.

Class Schedule

Weekdays Batch (Sketch Pro)

Over 64 in-depth classes with 128 hours of training. Including feedback sessions after class, it’ll be more than 160 hours of learning.

Module 1 – Foundation of Sketching: 8 weeks / 16 classes / 32 hours

  • Tue & Wed: 11 – 1 PM (Morning batch)
  • Tue & Wed: 6 – 8 PM (Evening batch)

Module 2 – Advanced Sketching: 8 weeks / 16 classes / 32 hours

  • Thu & Fri: 11-1 PM

Weekends Batch (Sketch Pro)

Over 64 in-depth classes with 128 hours of training. Including feedback sessions after class, it’ll be more than 160 hours of learning.

Module 1 – Foundation of Sketching: 8 weeks / 16 classes / 32 hours

  • Sat & Sun: 11 – 1 PM (Morning batch)
  • Sat & Sun: 3:30 – 5:30 PM (Afternoon batch)

Module 2 – Advanced Sketching: 8 weeks / 16 classes / 32 hours

  • Sat & Sun: 9 – 11 AM (Morning batch)
  • Sat & Sun: 3:30 – 5:30 PM (Afternoon batch)

Course Fees & Payment Options

Course fee for Sketch Pro

Course Fee: ₹ 29999/- 

  • Total 16 weeks /32 classes/4 months (Module 1)
  • Course Materials for module 1 are included in the fee
    • Assignment Submission book
    • Practice Sketchbook
    • Kneaded eraser
  • Art supplies are provided for those who make one-shot payment, for installment payments only Practice Sketchbook will be provided

Payment Options


  • Split payment – offer 2 split payments
    • 60% while joining
    • 40% by 3rd month
    • All pending fees need to be paid before Module 2 starts
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Completing the enrolments

Admissions are allowed only on invitation. 


  • Fill out the course enrolment form
  • Wait for a mail from the admission department
  • Follow the steps to complete the admissions online
  • You will receive a final course enrolment confirmation mail with your roll ID.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Fee payments are non-refundable – Please read the terms and conditions page.
  2. Your 16-week term will have 2 Modules of lectures and you should not miss any lecturing sessions. If you miss any, we won’t take it again for a single student.
  3. The institution will provide a week’s break after the completion of Module 1.
  4. If you have three consecutive weeks of absences (6 classes) during the term, it will be treated as discontinuation of your course, leading to your inability to attend subsequent classes and exams.
  5. You are required to complete and submit 25 assignments for each module.
  6. The assignments do hold a 65% mark share.
  7. Your attendance will grab 5% marks.
  8. And your final exam test will have 30% marks.
  9. You can score a maximum of 200 marks.
  10. Your successful course term will discount a Certificate from the institution.
  11. Assignment submissions are mandatory to get admission to exams.
  12. If the attendance percentage is below 20%, the student may be disqualified from attending the exams.

Rules governing exams, arrears, and supplementary assessments.

  • To successfully pass the course program, a minimum score of 35% out of 200 is necessary.
  • Each of the two papers—Monochrome, and Theory—requires a minimum score of 35% to pass.
  • The tentative exam schedule is as follows: Paper 1 and 2 will be conducted on day 1,
  • There will be two exam schedules per year, and students must attend exams during their designated schedule.
  • Students who are unable to attend their designated schedule will have an additional supplementary opportunity to clear their exams.
  • A fine will be imposed for resubmission, supplementary exams, and late submissions. The corresponding fee must be remitted along with the submissions.
Request for admissions!

If you’re feeling confused or have any doubts, we encourage you to seek guidance from our mentors. Whether or not you are enrolled in the course, we are always here to help point you in the right direction!

You can conveniently meet or call them by scheduling an appointment.

Get a free guidance!
Sketch Pro
Admissions are open for the Weekend Batch
Students can either enroll to Sketch Pro(4 months) or Diploma in Fine Arts (8 months).


Frequently Asked

What is Sketch Pro?

Sketch Pro lays a strong foundation where you can build anything on top of it.

This is a structured 4 months program that covers most techniques of how to sketch and gives you a better perspective of fine arts.

If you practice well with our curriculum then, you will start to see the dimensions of fine arts.

This is also Modules 1 & 2 of the Diploma In Fine Arts.

What all it covered?

Kindly check the curriculum session under the course description.

What if I miss a class/ classes?

  • Missing classes without a strong reason are not recommended while you are pursuing this course. Each alternate week we will have new chapters; if you miss a one then you will lose the continuity.

Compensating classes 

  • We don’t offer compensation classes but if 2 batches started the same time; which means a weekday batch and weekend batch is started same time; then you can come and have the session on the same weeks.
  • But this is purely subject to availability, you may cross-check with your faculty for the same.
  • Our faculties are having helping hands if you inform them prior they might spend 15-20 minutes to explain what you have missed.

What is the difference between Diploma in Fine Arts & Sketch Pro?

Embark on an 8-month artistic journey with our Fine Arts Diploma. Delve into two immersive 4-month sketching modules and explore painting in depth with an additional two modules, mastering both watercolor and acrylic techniques.

If you complete 4 modules then it is considered as Diploma in Fine Arts

After completing the first two modules(4 months), there will be exams to assess your progress and you might get 15 days of break before diving into the next phase of your artistic journey

SketchPro, a 4-month program, encompasses both foundational and advanced sketching techniques. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive journey to elevate your sketching skills.

After completing the two modules of sketching in the SketchPro program, certification exams will be conducted to assess your progress and validate your proficiency

What if I want to take up Painting, but this is just Sketching?

If you want to pursue painting after completing Modules 1 & 2 in this course then you are free to do so.

But, you need to mark your choice by the time of enrolment.

This will be an opportunity to complete the Sketching and Painting for Diploma Certificate.

Students Feedbacks

I must say it has genuinely been a great learning here at Sampratishta.
To get the guidance of Anup sir and Kavitha ma'am in getting the concepts right was the biggest takeaway from this course. I can see the changes in my method of creating art and definitely recommend this course to all those who aspire to enhance their artistic skills.
They have proved the following statement - Art is a learnable skill and you need not always be born with it.
Thank you Sampratishta❤️

Suman AI must say it has genuinely been a great learning here at Sampratishta.

I have gained a wealth of knowledge and seen significant improvements since joining "Sampratishta School of Fine Arts" for my artistic journey.The teaching methods employed here are truly exceptional, i wholeheartedly recommend this place to anyone seeking to enhace their sketching and art skills and explore the world of art!!
Here are some of my works before and after enrolling at Sampratishta.

Vinutha SadasivamI have gained a wealth of knowledge

I wasn't very confident going into the class but Sampratishta showed me some very handy techniques. The result was way beyond my expectation, I think the thing I enjoy the most
in Sampratishta is that they don't just teach you how to draw or paint,
they teach you how to be more creative and help you express your thoughts on a canvas. The teachers are very encouraging and supportive. they are very professional and help you gain exposure in this field. Thank you Anup Sir and Kavitha Mam for all the support.

Shilpa N

I had a great experience at Sampratishta and learned a lot here! The teaching is excellent with great faculty. The classroom environment is very lively and compel you to learn and explore more and more.
If you are interested in fine arts and design and want to learn and improve you skills, sampratishta is best place for it. 🙂

Tripti Kharkwal

This is one of the best place in Bangalore to hone your skills as an artist. They have talented and experienced teachers.

Priyanka GuptaPriyanka Gupta

Students Portfolio

Tripti Kharkwal

August 8, 2019

Rashmi Batara

August 8, 2019

Batches Completed
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