Diploma In Art Teaching / Art Teacher Diploma

Diploma in Art Teaching elaborated is a 6 months program of Sketching & Painting.

Module 1 (3months) dedicated to sketching and module 2 (3months) for painting.

Art Teacher Diploma

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Courses Details

Art teacher diploma or Diploma in art teaching is a course program that gives tremendous training for how to teach.

Through it is 6 months program we have split to 3-3 modules

The first 3 months will focus on various sketching methods and another for painting & craft making.

  • Course Name & Code: Diploma in Art Teaching – DAT 01
  • Duration: 12 weeks – 24 classes
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  • WEEKDAYS: Tue & Thu: 11-1 PM

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Who can apply?

Diploma in Art Teaching is open for those who have 17+ age above. Best for those who want to take art teaching as a profession.

The Syllabus

  • Fine arts refers to the art form that focuses on aesthetic purposes. Our ‘Art teacher training ’ is a rigorous basic level training which aims you draw and paint well
  • It involves developing art and design techniques using the Monochromatic & color mediums.
  • Courses are consolidated and cover the most important topics that are necessary for providing a strong foundation.
  • We teach in-depth about the essential skills techniques for sketching and developing the most effective skills to produce an artwork.


The medium used here for the artwork is monochromatic, which encapsulates

Module 1

  • Pencil & pen

Module 2

  • Color Pencil
  • Watercolor
  • Acrylics


Module -1 – 3 months 

  • Freehand drawings
    • Includes all life
  • Doodles
  • 2D designs
  • Understand the beauty of the light
  • Landscapes
  • Composition
  • Simple Portrait Drawing

Module -2 – 3 months 

  • Introduction to color pencil drawings
  • Introduction to Watercolor paintings
  • Introduction to Acrylic paintings
  • Crafting
  • Topics of the painting will revolve around nature and elements

Teaching & Faculty

  • With this training, students are exposed to greater levels of understanding and can see advancement in their sketching and fine art skills.
  • Our faculty has the best artists willing to impart knowledge to our students and help you in your career progression.

Course Outcomes

There are several innumerable outcomes that a student gains under this course. Few of them are listed below as follows:

  • Individuals will be highly skilled and will have an extensive portfolio
  • They can perform well on aptitude and entrance tests
  • We aim to make you a the perfect teacher if you are willing to do
  • This certification is a mandate Jain University certification which you can use in your portfolio

Certification & Exams

  • You will be having 50 finished assignments to complete and submit in your 6 months term.
  • Your attendance, assignments, final exams will have a certain ratio to achieve the total
  • You can score the most 100 marks.
  • Your successful course term will discount a certificate from the Jain University, JUX

Class Schedule

The schedule of Diploma in Art Teaching

  • Over 48 in-depth classes with 50 hours of content!
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session.
  • The practical learning experience with live project work and examples
  • You can develop your own sketching style and build the confidence to sketch on the spot
  • Build a solid foundation with all the essential skills to start sketching
  • One can develop the most effective techniques for sketching on spot regardless of the subject matter
  • You can improve your ability to sketch faster and more spontaneously
  • You can build their drawing portfolio
  • Common batch schedule: Weekdays: Tue & Thu 11-1 PM, at Jayanagar 4th T Block, Bangalore
  • You should not miss any lecturing session. If you miss any, we won’t take it again for a single student.
  • We may have 1-week class extra for a revisions & questions.

Course Fees & Payment Options

Course fee for Jain Certification 

The 24 weeks/ 48 days / 6 Months program will cost you 49500/-

  • This fee doesn’t include any materials/art supplies

Completing the enrolments

The admissions are allowed only on invitation. 


  • Fill the course enrolment form
  • Wait for a mail from the admission department
  • Follow the steps to complete the admissions through online
  • You will receive a final course enrolment confirmation mail with your roll ID.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Fee payments are non-refundable (Read the T&C here – https:/rangdebharat.org/return-refund-and-cancellation-policy/)
  2. Your 24 weeks term will have topics lecturing and you should not miss any lecturing session. If you miss any, we won’t take it again for a single student.
  3. 3 consecutive absences in your term will consider as discontinuation of your course and you won’t able to attend the rest classes, as well as the exams.
  4. You will be having 50 finished assignments to complete and submit.
  5. Your successful course term will discount a diploma certificate from Jain University, Jux.
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Diploma in Art Teaching - Sampratishta School of Fine Arts
Weekday morning – Tue & Thu 11-1 PM from Match 10th


Frequently asked

What is Fine Arts Foundation?

Fine Arts foundation essentially means giving a base or foundation for your visual arts learning. If you can sketch well, you can do the better painting.

This is structured 3 months programs that cover all the techniques of how to sketch and gives you a better perspective of fine arts.

If you practice well with our curriculum then, you will start to see the dimensions in fine arts.

What all it covered?

Kindly check the curriculum session under the course description.

What if I miss a class/ classes?

  • Missing classes without a strong reason are not recommended while you are pursuing this course. Each alternate week we will have new chapters; if you miss a one then you will lose the continuity.

Compensating classes 

  • We don’t offer compensation classes but if 2 batches started the same time; which means a weekday batch and weekend batch is started same time; then you can come and have the session on the same weeks.
  • But this is purely subject to availability, you may cross-check with your faculty for the same.
  • Our faculties are having helping hands if you inform them prior they might spend 15-20 minutes to explain what you have missed.

What is the difference between Diploma in Fine Arts & Fine Arts Foundation?

Diploma in Fine arts is a 6 months schedule;

1st 3 months – Fine Arts Foundation

2nd 3months – Painting Foundation ( We teach the watercolor & acrylic painting )

It is your choice to take up painting foundation after sketching foundation (fine arts foundation).

But to take up painting module – you should have finished fine arts foundation, we don’t allow the direct admissions to do so.

If you complete 2 modules then it is considered as Diploma in Fine Arts

It is may not be a single 6 months stretch, you will be having exams after completing the module 1.


What is the difference between Sampratishta & Jain certification?

No major difference, we provide the same lecturing for both courses.


If you are opting certification by Jain University then,

  1. Your practical exams will be conducted at Sampratishta
  2. Theory exams will be done at the online portal by Jain university
  3. Fee difference – please see the course fee session
  4. If you are opting Diploma in Fine Arts by Jain, then you need to register while joining; which means continuing/ taking up module 2 will not offer a diploma certificate; if you haven’t registered while joining.
  5. 3 months course considered as Certified programs
  6. 6 Months course considered as Diploma programs


If you are opting certification by Sampratistha then,

  1. Your practical & theory exams will be conducted at Sampratishta
  2. Fee difference – please see the course fee session
  3. If you are opting Diploma in Fine Arts by Sampratishta, then you don’t need to register while joining; which means continuing/ taking up module 2 will offer a diploma certificate.
  4. 3 months course considered as Certified programs
  5. 6 Months course considered as Diploma programs
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