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Thumbnail sketching can be simply defined as the the process of portraying the ideas onto the paper until the artist is able to see the intended results. Simply put, it is the process followed by the artist till he visualizes the final painting. Thumbnail sketches are not finished sketches with perfect lines or shades. It is the creation of the artist for himself to record the essence of the composition, scene and the appeal which is not necessarily to be understood by the third party.

The thumbnail sketches allows the artist to decide what his final output should look like. It helps to eliminate the unimportant elements from the composition. Thumbnail sketches are not fully rendered pencil sketches. It helps the artist to find the answers for his size, shape, elements and color related dilemmas.

Thumbnail sketches – The first step :

It forms the first step in the creation of a piece of art as it helps in simplification,elimination and addition of elements resulting in the formation of a flawless masterpiece. They form a means of memory and planning tool. It helps the artist to remember to incorporate the important features of the subject, what was the importance and how does that element balance the whole composition. The artist creates a few number of thumbnail sketches until he is satisfied with the perfect thumbnail idea. Of course, the first created thumbnail is almost never the perfect one. It is a real composition method of sketching out of several compositions quickly.

Want to know how are they made?

Hold on your mind and sketch out the ideas that flashes through every second. Once you have all your ideas on the paper figure out what you have been looking for. Visualize what you want to include the color, feel, message etc to be portrayed to your audience, then compose. Let your compositions find its way to perfection, by perfection we mean the right composition and not the quality of the composition. Remember, thumbnail sketching is  always for an artist to refer and are a means of refining his visual power.

Thumbnail sketching – A guide towards perfection and error free results.

Thumbnail sketching is an effective means if practiced by art beginners and art aspirants. It helps save time and also fine -tune the final painting or sketching. Remember, thumbnail sketches are always for a artist to refer and are a means of refining his visual power.

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