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Design is a growing field that is evolving with time and has increased in popularity over time, and the need to make a portfolio for design school is the utmost priority for the students who want to pursue design. Design studies may include various fields graphic design, fashion design, animation, textiles, interior design, etcetera.

And many students are getting inclined towards design and aspiring to make a successful career in it. But for pursuing design as your career you should have the skills and brush them up.

Skills you require to make a perfect portfolio for design school:

For a career in design, just a degree from the best institute is not enough when the aspirant lacks the basic skills. So, you should always brush up on your skills and talent. Below are some skills mentioned that have the potential to shape you up and give you a nudge to achieve your professional dreams.

  • Creative skills: This is the foremost skill required in a designer, that is, creativity. You should have that artistic flair and creativity within yourself when you want to pursue a career in design, as design and creativity always go hand in hand.

For a designer, coming up with innovative ideas and unique designs every now and then is constantly required. In a design school or in the world, if an individual is capable of delivering his ideas with a creative coating, and this skill is the most important one to make a portfolio for design school.

  • Analytical skills: As logical thinking is required to run most businesses. As creative minds produce ideas but the ideas are packed up and formulated by an analytical mind. And if you have both, that is, creative as well as analytical mind, then it would be much easier to build a successful career in design.
  • Communication skills: To give away to your ideas so that it gets received by the other person, communication is required. A person without proper skills finds it hard to convey and explain the process, design, ideas, and thinking. For the aspirant’s idea to remain intact and prevent it to lose its meaning, proper communication skills are required.
  • Business skills: The task of coming up with an idea is a big thing but don’t forget you have to sell it too. As the idea alone is not of that much importance of it cannot be implemented. And for the implementation, the idea requires a buyer or an investor.

The ultimate purpose of the designer would be branding the thought and selling it. And therefore, sound knowledge of selling or branding the idea and proper work management skills in an aspirant would lead to a successful career in design.

And when students keep thinking about their future, this design skill would help you make a portfolio for design school and is also important to expand your business.

Now, you know about the major skills required by the students to make a portfolio for design school, but how to improve those skills is a huge task now. But don’t worry, let’s have a look at it.

How to improve your design skills?

  • Read more design blogs, books and magazines: Reading more blogs related to your field, will not only improve your skills but also would provide you with different information about the strategies, design principles along with different design schools content and you would also be able to keep up with the latest and upcoming designs. And books and magazines would guide you in many aspects of design.
  • Take a course: Just reading won’t be enough as all the ideas have to be implemented in real life by the designer. So, for proper knowledge of implementation, you have to learn software and various design fields, and for this, you should always learn from a professional. And to know the importance of a professional teacher click here.
  • Follow another designer/design agencies: By following them, you would be getting inspiration for doing your work. And it would give you new ways to pick up new design ideas. And this would improve your skills, the longer you work with them.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings: Everything in your surrounding include design and you can differentiate a good design from a bad one. And if it’s a good one, start to determine why it’s visually so pleasing and attractive. And for the bad one, you can think about why the design isn’t working. And then this would teach you to implement your learnings in your own design.
  • Utilizes templates: If you are a beginner you can start with templates. The more you get used to designing templates, the more you will become aware of what design templates work well together.
  • Experiment and ask for feedback and critiques: Design is about taking risks and for that, you have to experiment with the knowledge you have learned so far and implement it in reality. And because of this you will come up with your own unique style and don’t forget to ask for feedback as this skill would help you make your portfolio for design school in a much better way as you get to know about others’ perspectives.

Now, after learning all the skills and implemented them in real life. The next step would be getting admission to a design school for all the knowledge and degree and the final step is admission interview and in the interview, you have to show your portfolio. As the first impression is the last impression so your portfolio should be amazing. So, here are a few tips about portfolios and how to create a portfolio for design school.

What is a Portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection or a place where you document all your work that usually consists of your design ideas which may include fashion-focused creative skills, building concepts, or making art-making skills. A portfolio acts as a brilliant opportunity to showcase your creativity, talent, and ideas to seek admission into the leading design schools. Your portfolio would show your ability and productivity to work with different materials that would lead to the best output. It would demonstrate your skills to the world.

How can you create a good portfolio for design school?

Your portfolio is the thing that reflects your personality and the way you visualize things, as you are showing a special trait of yours. Through this, you can create an art that would be different from others. And looking into previously submitted art portfolios it would help you to create yours.

What should your portfolio includes for it to be more effective?

A portfolio usually has the objective to study your aptitude and to assess your suitability to join the design college. Your portfolio should carry examples of your research, ideas, and finished works and you can even add your recent work that is in progress. Including your sketchbook would be the best thing to showcase your ideas.

Your portfolio should include and contain multi areas of work that usually demonstrate a variety of media and experimentation. You have to showcase your skills to the selector so make sure that you include the work that reflects your interest, ideas, experience, and abilities in the field of design.

So, you have to show your best work that would differentiate you from other competitors. But remember that do that keep adding much volume to your portfolio. A precise portfolio would help in getting clarity and attention to your every project. You can also include your awareness about themes, colors, and designs. And keep in mind, that your portfolio should not be dull by just writing stuff, include images that sync with your project and interest, and keep the introduction of your project as short as possible.

Your portfolio should be able to convey your ideas aptly to the ones who view your portfolio. Start and end your work with the best project and work. And the variety of works would help in demonstrating various skills you possess.


In the end, just enter the perfect world of design and colors and develop your skills! The portfolio would just be a consequence of the skills and experience you have so be focused on your work. And to have a degree or diploma courses in various design subjects, Sampratishta in Bangalore is the best place to know more about it, click here. Move on!

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