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How to draw portraits easily?


Everyone enjoys a good portraiture , it brings joy to the artist as much as the muse experiences . Every artist finds their own techniques and styles to make portrait art but there are some common ways which might help all the artists come together collectively to practice portraits .

Here are few techniques we have compiled for you to get started with , hoping it would help you in your artistic fervour.


Before starting any sketch . we could always go for a little bit of warm – up , like practicing some rough strokes of lines , curves and circles , this helps us get the hang of the process before we start , thereby enhancing the overall picture of the artwork.


For portraits , the proportions are the most important aspect of understanding , as we understand the proportion of each and every feature that goes in the picture we are trying to paint or sketch , we achieve more accuracy.


It is advisable we practice the anatomy of the human face before we attempt portraits , it helps us frame the outline better .


We often , when attempting to paint a specific picture or muse in front of us , are likely to draw features from memory before observing the subject fully , keen observation of details regardless of pre conceived notions of the subject provides for bettering the portrait creation experience.


We could use our pencils or paint brushes to measure the features of the subject before we present it on the medium , this is one technique some artists use to get hold of the ratio and proportion of the picture.


We could start by practicing some perspective drawing before we get into portraits as well ad the secret ingredients to a good porrait or any artwork for that matter goes with a little bit of patience and determination.

  • Other things to remember

These are just some of the many ways we could approach drawing portraits easily with , once one starts exploring their ways and styles in making portraits , the possibilities become endless , we could find new techniques with practice and progress as well .

Portraits ,the genre of art , where we intend to represent a specific human subject, which  not only provides for a good representation of artwork but also understanding of  the emotions and thoughts ( according to the western philosophy thoughts and emotions are two different things whereas in the eastern philosophy they are one and the same) that we are trying to perceive from looking at , a deeper understanding of  ourselves to understand other better , it brings in a lot of philosophical application into our artwork , how different people perceive differently and only to realize our perceptions are are also a reflection of ourselves we see in others.

All it takes to make portraits is  to visualise better on what we want to make , enhance and improvise with every step , as we strive enough , we shall definitely get our skills on it , we are all limitless and self sufficient enough to create all the artworks we want to create , to understand there is a lot of abundance in each of us , we are capable of  making a good impact through art and thereby making the world a better place of living , adding meaning to our lives.

In the end , we all know , ART is ART , regardless of whether art is small or big , everything is art around us and we are art ourselves. Art is for all , and where there is a will there is always a way with everything we do , we could achieve art just as anyone with just enough practice and love for the artform.

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