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The importance of having a skilled art teacher

In Indian culture, we have always recognized a teacher as a very important part of one’s life. ‘Acharya Devo Bhava’, means a teacher is like God. Blinded with emotion, most parents might not be able to create an atmosphere of love and joy.

They might get heavily entangled with the whole process of teaching and can end up creating an atmosphere of anxiety, which is not a good atmosphere for the children to grow. Hence, parents send their children to school, thinking that someone else could be a better influence on their children.

In the making of an individual, society, nation or even in the making of a world at large, a teacher has a significant role. A teacher helps in enhancing the abilities of the students and has the power to make the students develop an interest in a particular subject. Let me talk about one such category of teacher, that is, art teacher. 

Why does it matter to have a trained art teacher?

Not everyone can become masters just by self-learning. A slight change in the stroke or pressure can corrupt even the simplest of a sketch. The tiniest mismatch in the color might not convey the essence of a painting.

This leads to a misunderstanding between the artist and the observer. Hence, we need someone to guide and correct us. This is especially true in the case of fine arts such as painting, sketching or drawing, where-in the nuances and details in the art can only be taught by a well-trained professional. By employing the right methods and principles, they can turn an amateur artist into a great one.

What are these right methods and technicalities?

Let me enlighten you with a few such methods. Sketching requires you to use the right kind of pencil – graphite – and a wide range of such pencils. Here, the composition, form, and angle of an object become very important.

There are different approaches in sketching, like hatching, cross-hatching, tonal blending and so on, which could only be mastered with the help of a mentor. The quality of the paper is also a principal aspect, not only for sketching but also for watercolor painting, where-in you need to make sure that the water doesn’t spoil the density of the paper.

Painting on a surface is not the same for all surface types. You need to take some precautions before and after the painting.

A teacher should be responsible for inculcating these techniques in a student. We, at Sampratishta, make sure that these teachers are proficient, through our carefully curated courses for art teacher diploma. To learn more about the course you can visit us here or on our Facebook page.

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