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Fine arts is a growing field in today’s world, and students who need to make their career in it need a full-time and part-time course in fine arts. Every field requires creativity to be used and fine arts is the best way to express one’s thoughts, it acts as a medium. Fine arts was developed in ancient times for aesthetics and beauty and the five major fine arts that were included were painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and poetry.

So, you would be interested in knowing more about it! But before you know about the benefit of full-time and part-time courses in fine arts. You must know about the diploma and degree courses to pursue in fine arts. So, here you go!

Diploma in Fine Arts:

Fine arts would include both visual and performing arts as it’s a wide domain. Diploma in fine arts is a course which is certificate level. This course can be pursued after completion of 10th or 12th based on the results of the board examination, that is, merit.

The students who pursue this course are mainly after learning equipped with all the basic knowledge and skills related to the subject. The diploma in fine arts would majorly aim all the basics of fine arts to students which would be related to both visual and performing arts.

And it would also aim at the practical level skills that should be provided to the students along with a theoretical understanding of the subject so that you are not left out with any.

The students would be taught about various things, about the origin, development, and practical aspects of arts. And hence, a comprehensive look is provided to the students.

And a person with a diploma in fine arts can look for a variety of career options, in various domains like graphic designing, flash animation, teaching, art officer, etcetera.

Degree in Fine Arts:

Bachelor of Fine Arts is an undergraduate degree course, it majorly deals with the study of visual and performing arts. Visual Arts would include the study of subjects such as painting, sculpture, animation, photography, etcetera. And performing arts would include subjects such as dance, theatre, and music.

Students have to choose their area of interest and the degree course would educate students and would along with that reform their skills and all these things would enable them to become artists in the field they have an interest.

There are many career opportunities for the ones having a degree in fine arts, they can choose from the opportunities such as art teacher, writer, fine artist, actor, art director, etcetera.


Now, as you want to pursue fine arts, there are two major ways you can go ahead with it, that is, full-time and part-time course in fine arts, that is, diploma or degree in fine arts, let’s have a look at the benefits of both of them!

Benefits of Full-time and Part-time Course in Fine Arts:

Benefits of Full-time studies:

Three major benefits of full-time studies which can be summarised are:

  • Time: The students who take their course on a full-time basis would complete their course faster than part-time students. And as your focus would be more on the course then you would be involved more intensively without any interruptions.
  • Graduation Rates: There is quite a lot much evidence that shows graduation rates are affected by the enrollment status. And full-time students show higher graduation rates than part-time students as it would be explained as part-time students face other commitments and various hurdles.
  • Immersion: Students in full-time studies are majorly having the benefit of involving in a lot many in campus activities that are held. And as there is a college experience which plays a huge part in learning and creating networks and this would be really helpful in future professional career. But on the other hand, these opportunities are quite scarce for part-time students.


Benefits of Part-time Studies:

Part-time studies are the best for the students who want to combine study with their other commitments like work. In this, students get the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained from the classroom directly in work situations. And your professional knowledge would be a great help to your academic progress.


So, there are benefits in both the full-time and part-time course in fine arts, it just depends on your interest and the time duration you can give to it.

And for increasing your knowledge and skills Sampratishta school of Fine Arts and Design brings you both diplomas and degree courses in fine arts full-time as well as part-time. So, don’t stop yourself from entering the world of fine arts and explore more!

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