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Specialization in watercolor painting

By February 29, 2020No Comments
What is the need for specialization in watercolor painting you ask? Well, to answer that I need to tell you what’s great about watercolor painting.
They are paints made of pigments suspended in a water-based solution. Watercolors highlight the painting in a subtle yet significant way. It could bring a glowing effect to the picture, where-in the light reflects from the painting or could bring a dull and a toned-down effect, not allowing the light to reflect off it.
It is believed that the cave paintings of Paleolithic Europe were made of watercolors. We have also seen many great paintings throughout history. For example, Red Chimneys by Charles Demuth, Light at Two Lights by Edward Hopper, paintings by Vincent Van Gogh and so on.

Let’s talk about specialization 

They say the “foundation is always the strongest part of the building”. To start with, you do not require a lot of expensive equipment. Just paints and a few brushes and you’re all set! All you need is a trainer, for which Sampratishta has got you covered.

Specialization in watercolor painting includes advanced training in watercolor painting. The curriculum comprises a wide array of subjects such as still life color, composition, landscape and many such. There are 2 levels to this specialization in watercolor painting and students need to pass level 1 to go to the 2nd level. Completion of 2 levels is considered as the skilled diploma course.  Students can opt for either Sampratishta certification or Jain University certification while joining.

Diploma in watercolor painting

Diploma in watercolor painting is a 3 – month course starting April, where-in the trainers build the basics and then go in-depth and train the students with essentials skills required for them to become proficient. These courses are also useful for those who are absolute beginners, You-tube learners or those still struggling to get the depth of the watercolor painting.

The advanced training in watercolor painting includes training the students in topics such as Element Study, Color Perspective, Light & Shadow and more such. The students are taught the variations and modulations in watercolor painting.

This artistically curated specialization in watercolor painting is just the right fit for those aiming to become confident artists or aspiring to do higher studies in fine arts. One of the greatest advantages of the specialization in watercolor painting and the Diploma in watercolor painting is that, because of the minimum class strength, students get discrete attention from the trainers which helps them prosper with flying colors.


Need more details? Feel free to check our website for the course details here.


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