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We all talk about perspectives in art but we don’t talk enough about how , as artists , we are also able to shift perspectives of the world with our art . Artists have the power to change the world. We are all conditioned by the stories we have heard growing up , but now we can tell stories through our art . We can utilize this power to channel our art in the right path and make the world a better place of living.

Most ART SCHOOLS offer for subjects like ART HISTORY in their curriculum for this reason as to learn other humanities and to relate happenings in the past to that of the present , thereby giving a vast insight even into cultural history and traditions of the past and the reason behind it.

How art works are often perceived differently by different people teaches us how we are not in this world but this world is in us , and most of the things we see in others are a reflection of understanding of ourselves , we find ourselves in art , it is all fascinating how the artist’s life and art are associated and how it gets so deep as people thrive in their artistic journey.

To have a good impact on the world , creates so much purpose and adds so much meaning to one ‘s life , when our lives get meaningful , we feel so content , don’t we? Not only does it act as therapy for the artist but also the ones who take a moment to appreciate and understand their art .

It affects all the political , societal , philosophical ideas of the society , the artist could portray the change the artist wants to bring , it carries the emotions of the artist , since it is non-verbal , it’s visually captured by us to remember the message of it. It is very receiving.



RAJA RAVI VARMA paintings reflect the inspiration he drew from Indian literature, art, and tradition. His art revolves around a lot of Indian Mythological stories (the puranas – Mahabharata and Ramayana). He depicted a lot of women in his paintings , he often modelled Hindu Goddesses on South Indian women. Raja Varma paintings challenged caste and class hierarchies and brought depiction of social realities.


One of the most important artists representing India on the world stage, RABINDRANATH TAGORE  became the first Indian and Asian to receive a Nobel Prize for his extraordinary anthology titled Geetanjali. A multifaceted personality, his contribution to art was diverse with poems, novels, essays, as well as paintings.

Abanindranath Tagore emerged as a proponent of “Swadeshi” value in Indian art.

Gaganendranath Tagore executed cartoons and caricatures to comment on the hierarchical prejudice meted out to his countrymen during the colonial era at the hands of Englishmen and members of Indian aristocracy.


Roy’s subjects in his mature phase are sometimes figures from mythology , such as Durga and Ganesh, Radha-Krishna, or Mary with Jesus. His works are a diverse representation of figures from Hindu to Christian religions shows Roy’s deeply syncretic idea of Indian culture.

As calls for independence became stronger during the 1930s and 1940s, Roy’s folk-based diverse style also proclaimed a new Indian identity: one which was proud of its roots and multicultural.


Sher-Gil’s visual language introduced a host of new elements in modern Indian art. For one, her handling of the oil medium opened up new possibilities for a future generation of artists. Her distinctive vision left its mark on pre-Independence modern painting.

are some of the many famous artists of our country from the past , if we look into artists and their communities , there are many and more to come but it is significant we understand the impact art is able to create in our world .


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