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Arts degree cant not restrict your zeal to become an artists just the way knowledge is not limited to four walls of a room . Many individuals widely believe that specialised graduation in a particular stream is a prerequisite for success and the field of art is no exception. But the formal arts degree consists of its own pros and cons which cannot be overlooked.  

 Can missing a seat in a fine arts collage doom your career? Is an arts degree a yardstick to measure an accomplished artist? In the following blog I will be unveiling the myths related to becoming a successful artist and will provide you with certain suggestion that will help you reach your goal with utmost confidence and ease. 

The first question that arises when you are unsure to take an arts degree or not is that what’s your future plan? Do you want to pursue art as a hobby, or do you aspire to become a professional artist? Don’t worry if you are confused with the answer, I will be listing the advantages and disadvantages of both the sides in this blog which will aid to understand your interests better.  

Firstly, Let’s talk about pros and cons of taking up art as a hobby. The best part of pursuing any hobby is that it requires no formal degree. You have the liberty to enjoy art with no performance pressure. You can go at your phase with minimum guidance or monitoring from a tutor. 


1) Perfect examples from the past with no arts degree – PRO 

The previous generations were at the zenith of self-teaching. Knowledge for them was not conventional root learning in a classroom with books but it was the lessons grasped outside the classroom. There exist numerous examples of artists who stood against acceptable social norms to drop out of collages to make it big in the world of colours . 

Among these eminent artists are Henri Rousseau, Vincent Van Gogh and also Shri Raja Ravi Varma known as the epitome of Indian art who did not attend any arts collage but was guided by many revered artists as mentors. 

A couple of famous current Indian artists who doesn’t have a fine arts degree:

  1. Milind Mulick 2. Bijay Biswaal


  •  These above-mentioned names are just a few successful ones from a dozen, who could not make it.
  • It’s imperative to understand that not all artists are capable of achieving success with no constant guidance.
  • Yes, you can learn the nuances of art on your own outside the building of an arts college but before doing so ask yourself if you have the ability to take this challenge. 


2) You still require art education! But not from collage. -PRO 

Artists need no classroom to be hit by inspiration, for an artist the whole world is a canvas to paint. If you keep insisting that only the 1-hour lectures at collage will turn you into a fine artist, then you have highly mistaken. 

 Successful artists put numerous hours to polish their techniques and those hours of self-reflection refine your skills and not the mundane time spent in class. But every artist needs to learn not specifically from rigid curriculum yet from some source of reliable knowledge. In this age of digitisation, you can master any skill with one touch. 

The internet is satiated by inexhaustible free sources. This online education also reinforces self-correction which is paramount for skills-based work like art. For example  

  • YouTube is extremely an accessible platform with a variety of content on the same topic. 
  • Tutorials by established artists on their respective websites with further suggestions can also be helpful. 
  • Downloadable video and audio courses are underpinning your journey. 
  • The national libraries have some impeccable and unique materials. 


Again, it is highly important to keep in mind that these digital methods listed above are super easy to access and informative but can’t replace the mentoring provided by an experienced teacher.

These methods of learning are very unidirectional in pedology. While seating in front of the screen you miss the physical interaction with a teacher which is paramount in any learning process. So, before you conclude to stick to online teaching think if you can function with no teacher support. 


3) Arts degree can’t match your Practice! -PRO 

No skill in this world can be excelled without perseverance and practice. If you wish to flourish as an artist, then you must invest those laborious hours in rectifying your lines, edges, colours and proportions. 

 It is true that some individuals are born with inherent gift of talent but even those artists need to spend time in constructive criticism because no matter how talented you are there is someone else working harder than you.

Arts collage may just show you the path to become a successful artist but it is only your determination that will help to walk that arduous path. Always remember “there is no substitute to hard work”. 


For sure no obstacle can oppose a hardworking person, but you need to decide if you are ready to walk the long road when your fellow artists are taking the shorter route. Self-learning is perceived as a difficult path as you will have no person guiding you along the way.

You will have to understand and correct each line, edge, colour and pattern on your own. At times when you will get stuck or face constant failure you will have no mentor to consult for advice.

Whereas in an arts college will have knowledgeable faculty showing you the way at evert twist and turn of your journey. This will make your journey as a professional artist very smooth. 


4) Passion over arts degree – PRO

Do you think all actors are alumni of film schools or did every writer study literature, obviously no. Skill driven careers such as art, theater and literature are highly dependent on the individual’s dedication and not on the qualification?

If you are passionate enough to work through the odds and make sincere commitments to achieve you goal, then nothing can cage your desire. 


Passion must definitely be the mandatory trait in every artist with or without degree, then how can a degree make a difference.  

Arts colleges are filled with passionate artists who workday and night to become the best. This atmosphere of competition causes an adrenaline rush in students to put in more efforts and be better than the rest. You will be put under pressure in a safe and secure environment of your collage so that when you step out you can deal easily with the pressure outside. 

 Also, if you wish to pursue art professional then arts college will give you a good push start. The placement cell, of arts collages try to bring in major market firms with decent packages. If you decide not to attend arts college, then you may miss this opportunity. 


Finally, I would like to conclude by saying that an arts college will assist you in your journey of becoming a professional artist but it is ultimately your earnest efforts that will push you to reach your aim.  


If you wish to start your art journey with professional help, then these courses can help you. 






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