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Art has always been an integral bit of our lives. Not only are we creating it but also changing our perspectives towards it. We have been seeing the beauty of art right from the time we opened our eyes. Art classes are a gateway to exploration.


Most of us recognize the feeling of being moved by art. It can make a huge difference in exploring our inner-selves, a source of healing indeed. We improve both mentally and spiritually. Moreover, it is the only expression where people consider disagreements. Thus, it broadens our mind to different aspects of life healing our inner-selves. It makes us more accepting. Needless to say, art classes are a way to connect your body, mind and soul


Art classes bring people together. Besides, it is a platform where people exchange experiences.
The world is filled with gadgets and technology. As a result, people often feel disconnected and unempowered. It is a medium that 
can make a difference and does not judge people. Every creation is unique and inviting. It makes us more tolerant of differences. In fact, it contributes towards the positivity of any society.



Foundation in fine arts can get you a golden ticket to the top universities. Thus, the knowledge of fine arts is a plus point for those who want to pursue higher studies in creative fields. You may want to become an Architect, Animator, Graphic designer or a Fashion designer. Education from art classes will level up your confidence.


Children develop skills by learning fine arts from a very tender age. Art classes help to increase memory power and observational skills.  Also, it is a source of encouragement and leadership development. It not only develop children’s motor skills but also improve their intellectual capabilities. Thus, it helps them academically.


There is no single way of how art can change a person. Moreover, none of us feels the same way.
Hence, it is not fair for me to speak about the differences in perception. Yet, we can all agree to the fact that it brings us together. It really is a tool that changes people’s way of thinking. In fact, it at least gets them to react.


Everybody needs a break from the societal norms and art is the best way to connect                                                             with fantasies.


TREAT YOURSELVES with the Doorways to Heaven.

COLORING INDIA FOUNDATION comprises of the finest art schools and institutes around Bangalore.

For Beginners & Intermediate Learners:

  • It’s always thrilling to attend free sketching classes conducted by Pencil and Chai. Also, they conduct sketching & painting sessions every Sunday.
  • Sampratishta is for people who have serious decisions to make with Fine Arts. They teach from ground zero with diploma courses in Fine Arts.
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