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A world where people are linked with circuits all the time everywhere fail to build emotions and humanly connections. Similarly the education offered today is entirely status oriented, people impart confidence to those who is a medical, a engineering or a civil service student but art is never encouraged as a passionate profession but only a means to soothe and refresh minds.

But the tech-savvy world fails to realize the importance of art, studies have proven to enhance the intelligence and proficiency of students connected with art compared to the students lacking interest in art.  Arts education partnership in 2002 reported that school children exposed to art are more proficient in reading, writing and math, similar reports have been revealed in the recent years.

Schools in this era are neglecting importance of fine arts education in order to grow financially forward. Fine arts education has been proven to increase the academic intelligence and achievements, skill development, civic engagement, social relationships and the opportunities of the children participating in it, which are the skills that a nation wishes to develop among its youth.

“When you think about the purposes of education, there are three,” Horne says. “We’re preparing kids for jobs. We’re preparing them to be citizens. And we’re teaching them to be human beings who can enjoy the deeper forms of beauty. The third is as important as the other two.” Fine arts education helps the children to embrace nature, observe their surrounding, builds emotions and confronts them with real life.



Fine arts education is a composition of strong emotional beliefs and a bond with canvas pencil and colors.  The schools today pressure on test score and fine arts is considered less important compared to the academic subjects. Fine arts education can shape an individuals’ passion towards art and can also motivate and encourage him to paint his world with his passion. The institutions today offering are few and these few lack the quality education, structured classes or enthusiasm to transform an art dreamer into an art believer and follower.

The era where importance of fine arts education faces a threat there still exist a ray of hope; few such hope is Pencil and Chai, Sampratishta & junior pencil and chai . A fine arts education hub entirely focused on building strong artistic passion within each art aspirant that reach out to them. Understanding the test score and responsibility pressures during the week days Pencil and Chai, Sampratishta & junior pencil and chai offers its art richness during the weekends and weekdays. They offer uniquely structured art classes in realistic environments leaving behind the concrete walls and hugging the nature atmosphere. Pencil and Chai is encompassed of fine artists who striving hard to keep the fine art education alive in this competitive world.

The love for colors and pencils are so strong and passionate that it is capable of healing any sorrow, strengths a human emotionally and create wonders. Leonardo Da Vinci, the name flashes a million colors and the masterpieces that connects with every human uniquely, that moment has made art victorious. Fine art education is a means to uplift, nurture and guide the young passionate art aspirants the right way , Pencil and Chai  leads them to the road less travelled , the road travelled by the unique and the creative , a road which is full of successful milestone without any failure ends.

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