Dear Students,

Please note the exam schedule for Diploma in Watercolor – Foundation Batch 03/2018

  • Last date of assignment submission: 17th November 2018
  • Exam Dates:  17th & 18th November  2018
  • Duration: 2 Hours per day

Day 1: Paper: Composition – 2 hours on 17th Novemebr 2018

Day 2 : Paper: Still Life: Duration: 2 hours on 18th Novemebr 2018

Medium: Watercolor


  1. Your well-finished assignments have to be submitted before the exams
  2. Attending exams on both days is mandatory 
  3. Max duration of exam will be conducted on published hours and students should focus on doing the finished artworks on permitted hours. 
  4. Sampratishta will be providing handmade rough grade paper – half imperial size – for exams. Students also can bring their own but should follow the size.