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Whenever children hear that their school or college is starting, they get a rush of excitement even after a small summer or Diwali break, so yes back to the classroom is a feeling of joy for children.

And when you hear back to the classroom after almost two long years of a break due to a pandemic, it is a feeling of mixed emotions of joy, happiness, nervousness. There is joy and happiness on the face and heart of every child or student.

This pandemic has left a great impact on every person, especially children as they were the ones who were a lot mentally and emotionally affected as they are at the stage where they want to explore, play and have various ideas.

All the children got a feeling of being locked inside their room or home and as these budding artists of schools and colleges need more fresh air to refrain and form ideas and think about their thoughts, get more ideas and implement them in real life.

And because of pandemic and lockdown, their thought process got narrowed down and back to the classroom brings a sense of fresh air in their life as they would be able to process their mind more and give everything thought and even have more ideas!

But in this feeling of joy and happiness, you should not forget a few things!

Back to the classroom: things to remember!

Preparing yourself:

Prepare yourself ready as you are going back to the classroom. Prepare your essentials, beforehand as to when your toolkit is prepared before the classes it would ensure that you don’t forget anything when your classes start!

Preparing your toolkit would build a sense of getting organised in your life. As getting organized would also help you fix your schedule for the day and week according to the subjects and would help you manage all your toolkit according to that.

As when you are back to the classroom, being organised would help you instil discipline within yourself and without discipline, nothing can be achieved and for success and to be an artist, discipline and organization of your things and schedule are very much needed.


As you have heard, “Practice makes a man perfect”. So, as you are getting back to the classroom, you must be in the thoughts and feelings of joy and happiness but don’t forget a classroom is a place of joy but also to work hard and to prove yourself.

The classroom is the place where you can showcase your talent to make your identity and let teachers correct your mistakes. As mistakes are a part to improve yourself and hard work is the only key to success.

And before you are back to the classroom, efficient, continuous and deliberate practice is the thing that would make you learn things faster, keeps you motivated and also inspire you!

Even when you are not in the classroom you should keep practising and dedicate enough time to art. As time plays a major role, the more time you dedicate to practice art, the faster you will progress.

Before you learn from professionals, you can even practice from the references, and drawing real-life things are inarguably the best thing to practice art, as it would open up your imaginative skills and observational skills.

And in nature when you are practising then you would observe even the minute details, that would help you improve your art skills. And before you are back to the classroom, while practising you can experiment with your skills.

As experimentation would help you to progress according to your interest and even help you find your interests and this would help widens your skill set. And you can see your progression in different mediums and styles.


So get ready! You are going back to the classroom to explore and learn new things! Give way to your ideas! Sampratishta School of Fine Arts and Design is offering new courses so enrol yourself now! And dive into learning more about art!



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